Citibank Australia Interest Rates

Citibank Australia offers a series of personal banking accounts including everyday accounts, savings accounts, term deposits, foreign currency accounts, and global accounts. Credit cards, home loans, flexible personal loans, investment & insurance services are also available.

Citibank Australia Overview

Citi Australia traces its origins back to 1971. It is a subsidiary of the US-based multinational banking group Citigroup. It has over one million customers, 2,000 employees, 13 branches, and a country-wide network of ATMs. Banking services are available for personal and business customers. The range... read more

Citibank Australia Discussion

  • Q: I have a business trading in the United States managed in Australia. Currently banking with Wells Fargo. Can Citibank assist with businesses overseas?

    Reply Ben from Australia
  • Q: Hi, I got a credit card with Westpac and I want to change over to a citibank cc. How do i go about it?

    Reply Hien from Australia
  • Q: How to apply a business account?

    Reply Nina from Goulburn, Australia
  • Q: I need to pay bill into a Citibank account that's been supplied to me, how do I do that by direct debit? I have the BSB and Account #

    Reply Chris from Australia
  • Q: Where can I deposit cash into my account ?

    Reply Craig from United States