3 Year Term Deposit Rates

Provider Rate
Credit Union Australia 3 Year Term Deposit

Rate quoted is has minimum investment of $5,000.

3 Year
Jun 2018
CBA 3 Year Term Deposit

This rate is applicable for a term between 36 and 47 months with the option to get paid annually at maturity for a  balance less than 2 million but greater than 50,000. It also available paid 6 monthly/Semi-annually as well as monthly (4 weekly). 

3 year
Dec 2018
3 year
Feb 2019

A deposit for 3 years or 36 months is one of the longer maturity types of deposits and typically has a higher interest due to the length of maturity compared to a savings product or earlier mature deposit. It is offered by most major banks.

Interest from 3 year deposits can be paid monthly, semi-annually, annually or quarterly as per the following example from a large bank.

Historically the chart below shows that 3yr deposit rates remained over 10% from the late 80s to the early 90s with rates over 6% more recently in 2009-2010. 


  • Q: If i invest $100.000 in the C.B.A for 3yrs,how often is the interest payed?,can i transfere that interest into another bank? Iam staying overseas until december this year,do you think interest rates will rise? will i get 3.2% on $100.000?

    Reply Max from Philippines