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SBI Australia provides its retail customers with products that include deposits, international money transfers/remittance and foreign exchange with branches located in Sydney, NSW and in Melbourne, Victoria.

State Bank of India Australia Overview

State Bank of India Australia is a branch of the Indian banking group State Bank of India. It is one of the 150 offices that exist outside of India (in India there are more than 18,000). The branch in Australia is located in Sydney and it was established in 1998. Banking services are available for i... read more

State Bank Of India Australia Discussion


    Reply RAMAMURTHY from Sydney, Australia
  • Q: Can we submit the life certificate of pension account holder of India on visit here to the branch in Melbourne ??

    Reply Shivangi from Perth, Australia
  • Q: I am travelling to Dehli next week. What rate will I receive from a SBI ATM? (excluding any mastercard fees charged by my card provider here) What denominations of Rupee are provided by ATMs? Thankyou

    Reply Arthur from Australia
  • Q: i am an indian origin but i hold an Australian passport ,can i open a savings account here ? if so can my family have an access in india at Mirik branch?, if yes what is process ,can i apply on line?

    Reply Kamla from Melbourne, Australia
  • Q: Is State Bank of India is having a branch in Melbourne, Australia?

    Reply CHITRA from India
  • Q: I woul like to open a savings account in your branch.May you be informed that I am an account holder of s b I in N.Dehli( vasantkunj branch).

    Reply Omkar from Ryde, Australia
  • Q: hi i have my account in statae bank in india. can u tell me how i can the money withdraw here means in melbourne. can you tell me the procedure.

    Reply ruby from Preston, Australia
  • Q: Can i transfer my SBI account from India to sydney

    Reply SkB from College Park, Australia
  • Q: I have an OCI ,can I open a NRI account with SBI, I aready have an NRI account with Canara Bank Bangalore India Please advise.

    Reply Allen from Australia
  • Q: I am living in melbourne.Is there SBI (state bank of India) branch in melbourne.If so what is the contact details.

    Reply Nandish from Murrumbeena, Australia
  • Q: Hi I am a permanent resident and already done my citizenship test just the ceremony left. Just want to ask how to open a NRI account And what documents we need to submit. Can you please let me know if there is any limit for minimum balance in NRI account. If not please let me know so I can make my account asap. Thanks

    Reply Anuradha from Carlton, Australia
  • Q: Is Sbi in Melbourne

    Reply JAGJIT from Singapore, Singapore
  • Q: can I deposit aud from Melbourne to sbi Sydney for transfer to sbi account in Hyderabad india how much can transfer what wasthe exchange rate if any transfer charges are there so what was the rate how much amount can transfer at a time.

    Reply raju from Vermont, Australia
  • Q: is sbi branch in Melbourne ?

    Reply RAKESH from Australia
  • Q: I am a student in Melbourne, can I open an NRI account and associate with my hometown branch in India.

    Reply Vikram from Saudi Arabia
  • Q: I would like to convert my SB account to NRO account and also update my mobile number as I have shifted to Melbourne, Australia. Could you please let me know how to proceed ahead? Thank you.

    Reply Rupa from Bentleigh, Australia
  • Q: Hii i have money in my indian account but i need that money here could you please help me how can i withdraw that money.

    Reply Amanpreet from Australia
  • Q: Is State Bank of India is having a branch in Melbourne, Australia?

    Reply ASHOK from Gurgaon, India
  • Q: please advise that if I am not australian residents and no australia address, can I open term deposits account?

    Reply wu from Taiwan
  • Q: I wish to maintain a fixed deposit for six months for an amount of 10 lakhs INR which matures in January 2019. Is it possible and what is the rate of interest Thanks

    Reply Katte from Symonston, Australia
  • Q: i have heard that old 1000 and 500 rupees note can be exchange again now for 5 days is that true?

    Reply Priti from Australia
  • Q: Interested to open an nri ps account , how do i do this?

    Reply Bhupinder from Australia
  • Q: Hi, I would like to open NRI account and lives in here Australia, Can you please supply the procedure to make it Thanks Mazhar

    Reply Mazhar from Australia

State Bank Of India Australia Discussion Activity

  • Deposits
    Q: Hi I’m at Australian citizen look for to refinance my home loan. If can then where I can find the rates.

    Reply Sarabjit from Australia

  • Q: Please tell me if i withdrwal 50000 in melbourne australia Who much bank charge me for this overseas transaction.

    Reply Sunil from Southbank, Australia

  • Q: Hi i m intrseted to open a nri account and ut my fixed deposit in it and link the account.

    Reply Bhupinder from Australia
  • State Bank Of India Australia 60 Month Term Deposit - Deposits
    Q: I am Bangladeshi national.can I open account from hare.and can I send money to account from any other country behalf of me.and for fix or terms deposits interest amount is transfer to my savings account every I can withdraw from anywhere in the world by a atm card.

    Reply shahinur zaman from Melbourne, Australia
  • Deposits
    Q: I am a nonresident Indian with pr. Can I open a savings account in you bank here ?

    Reply Satish from Australia
  • State Bank Of India Australia 60 Month Term Deposit - Deposits
    Q: Australian Govt. guaranteed?

    Reply Peter from Australia