CBA Private Banking

CBA offers Premier Banking services for clients who have a personal annual income in excess of $150,000 and for private banking for households who earn $400,000 or want to invest or borrow $2.5 million+.  It offers superior customer service for everyday banking, investments, financial planning and wealth protection and exclusive benefits such as providing the latest market insights, research, product offers, investment opportunities and services.

Private Banking

  • Access to Commonwealth Private if household income in excess of 400k pa or to invest/borrow > $2.5 million
  • Access to Commonwealth Private office when you have investible assets of $10 million or more
  • Access to dedicated Private Bankers/Private Wealth Managers
  • Offers personal private banking savings and private banking transaction accounts
  • asset protection
  • retirement planning
  • investment portfolio management
  • currency risk management

Preferred Banking

  • Access to Premier Banking
  • requires personal annual income > $150k
  • access to expert financial advice
  • a relationship manager
  • benefits/discounts

Private Banking Investments

  • ASX listed direct shares
  • Executive share and options strategies
  • Managed funds
  • Equity capital raisings
  • Direct bonds
  • Initial Public Offerings (IPOs)
  • Structured investments
  • Wholesale investment opportunities
  • hybrid securities