CBA Business Banking

For business clients, CBA offers business accounts, Business credit cards, merchant services and business loans. In addition, it also offers international banking services, superannuation, asset finance and investment products. For corporate clients, CBA provides working capital, capital lending and raising, Global services such as foreign exchange, commodities, interest rate risk management and offshore banking unit.

Business Banking

  • Business Transaction Bank Account
  • Business credit cards
  • merchant services
  • payments EFTPOS
  • ecommerce
  • business loans
  • business line of credit
  • short term investment
  • medium term investments
  • long term investments
  • business insurance
  • commodity risk products
  • currency risk products
  • interest rate risk products

Business Investments

  • Term Deposits
  • Cash Deposit Account
  • Business savings account
  • bills of exchange
  • farm management deposit account
  • commercial paper investments
  • equity linked investments
  • mortgage backed securities
  • capital series
  • management investments
  • floating rate notes
  • gonverment bonds
  • semi government bonds
  • corporate bonds
  • swaps
  • options
  • swaptions
  • forward rate agreements
  • CPI swaps

CBA Discussion

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CBA Discussion Activity

  • Deposits
    Q: Hi there, I have found a term deposit renewal notice letter and wanted to check if I can transfer my current deposit into my normal CBA savings account? thanks

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    Q: Do your deposits over 2 million have a better rate? Who do I ask or call about this?

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    Q: looking for the best rate on term deposit for $2250000 with interest paid monthly there are no rates applicable for this amount.

    Reply Rhonda Mcanulty from Seven Hills, Australia