Australia Bank Photos

Building Societies in Australia

Bank Branch Founded Ownership
Newcastle Permanent Newcastle Permanent 65 1903 Local

Other building socities include:

  • B & E Ltd
  • Big Sky Building Society Limited
  • Greater Building Society Ltd
  • Maitland Mutual Building Society Limited

Australia Discussion Activity

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    Q: need rate from April on 6 month A$ 550,000.00

    Manfred from Caloundra, Australia
  • NAB
    Q: I have 150000 Australian dollars to invest.If I place this ona 1year term basis , what would be the maturity amount and at what interest rate

    Ajit from Kuwait City, Kuwait
  • UBank - Deposits - UBank 1 Year Term Deposit
    Q: Hi there, I clicked this link from a google search whilst looking for best term deposit interest rates as it stated your 12 month term deposit rate was 2.79%, but it states 2.60% above. Can you please confirm which amount it is for me please?

    Rachael from Australia
  • Suncorp Bank - Deposits
    Q: My Term Deposit is due for automatic renewal. The term is 8 months. What interest rate would I receive for the 8 months? Perhaps it would be better to renew for 6 months?

    Barbara from Sunnybank, Australia
  • State Bank Of India Australia
    Q: i have heard that old 1000 and 500 rupees note can be exchange again now for 5 days is that true?

    Priti from Australia
  • UBank - Deposits - UBank 1 Year Term Deposit
    Q: Would the 2.79% fixed term interest be available to a business account?

    Kerry from Adelaide, Australia
  • Deposits
    Q: How much can i get each month for a $1,000,000 deposit with a big 4 bank but just for a short term (under a year).

    George from Double Bay, Australia
  • Loans
    Q: Is it better getting going through a mortgage broker or direct with these banks to get a pre-approval fast?

    Tania T from Surrey Hills, Australia
  • Loans
    Q: What is the difference in the mortgage rate and the APR rate?

    John from Melbourne, Australia
  • ANZ - Savings
    Q: What is the interest rate on saving account? I am an international student (from Egypt) and planning to move to NZ for further studies. If for example I transfer 50,000 NZ dollars, what is the monthly return? Will my savings be taxed or the interest rate be taxed?

    Khaled from Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates