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Deutsche Bank Australia

Deutsche Bank Australia Overview

Deutsche Bank has been in Australia since 1973. Deutsche Bank Australia is a fully-owned subsidiary of the German global banking group Deutsche Bank. It has two offices - one in Sydney and one in Melbourne. There is also an office in New Zealand. Banking services are available for corporations, inst... read more

Deutsche Bank Australia Discussion

  • Q: Dear Sir/Madam, I emailed the following queries to your Bank via your website on Monday 1st April , but have not received a reply to the following:-" I expect to receive a large sum of money in Euros from Germany,to be deposited into an Australian bank account . Please advise me what the DB scale of charges for this transaction would be? In fact, are these charges incorporated into the exchange rate between Euros and AU Dollars? What is the cheapest method of transferring the funds ?" I would appreciate you sending me a reply this time. Best regards, Andrew

    Reply Andrew from Altona, Australia