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Bank of Melbourne offers its retail customers transaction and savings accounts, home and personal loans, credit cards, insurance as well as investments (term deposits and share trading) and superannuation products.

Bank of Melbourne Overview

Bank of Melbourne is a subsidiary of Westpac one of the largest banks in Australia, it was originally established in 1989 and acquired by Westpac in 1997. It operated the brand in Victoria up until 2004.  It has taken over the St.George Bank business in Victoria under the relaunched Bank of Mel... read more

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  • Q: I would like to change my Bank , And start a new account with a new Bank

    Reply Marco from Chelsea, Australia
  • Q: Hi. I need to deposit a cheque for a Macquarie bank account, where can I do this? I am based in Geelong, Vic. Thanks

    Reply Kate from Middle Park, Australia

Bank Of Melbourne Discussion Activity

  • Bank Of Melbourne Maxi Saver - Savings
    Q: Do I need to rollover my maxi saver account to get the best possible interest rate?

    Reply maria from Tarneit, Australia
  • Savings
    Q: can I open a Australian bank account being a uk citezen

    Reply robert from Bridgend, United Kingdom
  • Savings
    Q: I live in the US. I want to buy stock on the Australian stock exchange. I apparently need an account in an Australian bank to buy these stocks.

    Reply Robert from Huntington Beach, United States
  • Savings
    Q: Re BoM Maxi Saver Acc: Is the interest rate applied to the entire amount on deposit, or is it a tierd product? How often are the interest rates adjusted? Are there any special conditions that may affect the ultimate interest rate delivered (for instance, a requirement to deposit certain amounts each month or make no withdrawals)

    Reply ray from Australia