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Cities : Melbourne
Melbourne Branches
UBank Office Level 1, 800 Bourke St, Docklands, VIC, 3008 Tel: 13 30 80

UBank Discussion

  • Q: do you have offices in sydney

    Reply denise from Australia
  • Q: If I opened a UBank account. Which bank would I use uc I needed to transact on my account but couldn’t get to the Melbourne UBank branch.

    Reply Judy from Morang, Australia
  • Q: can i have a bank check drawn at a NAB branch or do i have to find nearest Ubank office. I live in Sydney 2077

    Reply Vladimir from Ryde, Australia
  • Q: do you have a branch in Perth

    Reply colin from Australia
  • Q: Do u hve a branch office in Brisbane? Thnx.

    Reply Jan from Kuraby, Australia
  • Q: We would like to open an account with U Bank a term deposit would probably be the way to go, how do we do it. Thank you &Regards

    Reply Pam from Australia
  • Q: As executor of an estate and I need to deposit a bank cheque to a beneficiary who has nominated his U Bank account details. I am based in Melbourne. How can this be done ? do you have a branch or can I deposit at a NAB branch ?

    Reply Michael from Australia
  • Q: Have $$$$ to invest in either savings account or Term Deposit. What are your rates? How do we do business with you?

    Reply John from Australia
  • Q: I want to transfer money to a new account, but after I fill in the details it asks me choose the account to send it from, but the details have been covered and I cannot get to it. How do I get there?

    Reply John from Perth, Australia
  • Q: Are you guaranteed by the Government $250,000?

    Reply Audrey from Yarraville, Australia
  • Q: do you have any offices in Perth

    Reply leah from Perth, Australia
  • Q: Does the 2.79 term deposit rate for 6 months apply to companies and self managed super funds?

    Reply mary from Australia

UBank Discussion Activity

  • UBank 1 Year Term Deposit - Deposits
    Q: Hi there, I clicked this link from a google search whilst looking for best term deposit interest rates as it stated your 12 month term deposit rate was 2.79%, but it states 2.60% above. Can you please confirm which amount it is for me please?

    Reply Rachael from Australia
  • UBank 1 Year Term Deposit - Deposits
    Q: Would the 2.79% fixed term interest be available to a business account?

    Reply Kerry from Adelaide, Australia
  • UBank 1 Year Term Deposit - Deposits
    Q: Could someone call for assistance in opening a term deposit today. Thank you Brian

    Reply Brian from Australia