AustralianSuper Term Deposit

AustralianSuper members have term deposit products available for investment within the 'AustralianSuper Member Direct investment option'.  It requires AustralianSuper members to have $10,000 or more in their account to invest in this option.

AustralianSuper Term Deposit Interest Rates

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AustralianSuper Reviews

  • Trying to find an A/S branch in the Nation's Capital City, for face to face discussion an collect printed personal information from a while back. If thrre isn't one WHY..

    Helmut from Brookvale , New South Wales , Australia
  • Trying to find a deceased super is impossible. Phone contact is impossible.

    Cynthia from Australia
  • What a pain in the back side my experience has been. Trying to change my name on my policy - have sent my certified documents(twice already) last attempt was Feb 2018 and surprise surprise not again and I have been asked to supply again. Total shambles. Looking at totally moving both my policies from AS - have two as they didn't accept change of name in new job and created another for me and charging double fee's - double insurance and all I get is "please supply documents" I HAVE - find the ones I posted ( this will be the 3rd time now

    Margaret from Perth , Western Australia , Australia
  • We need an office here in Ballarat it not fair that country people have to chase it up on line. Id like to see back to offices so we can see face to face, so we have a better understanding of super , and have someone to talk to. You can not deal with something that's very important online , it just doesnt work.

    gayleen from Australia