Australia Bank Photos

Banks in Australia

Bank Branch Founded Ownership
Westpac Westpac 1270 1817 Local
CBA CBA 1026 1912 Local
ANZ ANZ 800 1835 Local
NAB NAB 748 1858 Local
Rural Bank Rural Bank 400 2000 Local
St George Bank St George Bank 396 1937 Local
Bendigo Bank Bendigo Bank 340 1858 Local
BOQ BOQ 255 1874 Local
Suncorp Bank Suncorp Bank 230 1902 Local
Bankwest Bankwest 211 1895 Local

Banks listed are regulated by APRA with accordance to the Banking Act 1959.

Other Banks

  • Australian Military Bank
  • Auswide Bank
  • Beyond Bank Australia
  • Defence Bank Limited
  • Heritage Bank Limited
  • Hume Bank
  • IMB Bank
  • Members Equity Bank
  • MyState Bank
  • Police Bank
  • BankVic
  • P&N Bank
  • QT Mutual Bank
  • Qudos Bank
  • G&C Mutual Bank
  • Teachers Mutual Bank
  • Victoria Teachers Mutual Bank 

Australia Discussion Activity

  • Deposits
    Q: If i invest $100.000 in the C.B.A for 3yrs,how often is the interest payed?,can i transfere that interest into another bank? Iam staying overseas until december this year,do you think interest rates will rise? will i get 3.2% on $100.000?

    Max from Philippines
  • St George Bank - Savings
    Q: can I have an account for a discretionary trust

    Carol from Merrylands, Australia
  • ING Direct Australia - Deposits
    Q: can I apply for a term deposit by attending your office rather than applying online.

    Brian from Eagleby, Australia