Commonwealth Bank of Australia (CBA)

CBA Term Deposit Rates

Commonwealth Bank of Australia, also called CBA is considered one of the major 'big 4' banks in Australia. It had commenced operations in 1912 and as of 2012 had over 4,200 branches nationally and 4000 ATMS including Bankwest. The bank brands include Colonial First State, CommInsure, ASB (New Zealand), FirstChoice, CommSec, Sovereign, Bankwest and St Andrews. 

It has established businesses in Australia, New Zealand, Europe and the Asia-Pacific region. CBA services are delivered through main business segments: Retail Banking Services, Business and Private Banking, Institutional Banking and Markets, Wealth Management, International Financial Services, Financial Services, Risk Management and Enterprise Services.

Financial services for individual customers include: current and saving accounts, personal and home loans, credit cards, financial planning, superannuation, term deposits and foreign exchange.


Head Office Location: Darling Park, Tower 1 201 Sussex Street, Sydney, NSW, Australia

Head Office Telephone Number: (02) 9378 2000

National Telephone number for banking enquiries on (+61) 13 2221

Interest Rates

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Account DetailsAPYCurrencyUpdateWebsite


  • transaction accounts
  • basic bank accounts
High Net Worth
  • Access to Premier Banking
  • requires personal annual income > $150k
  • Business Transaction Bank Account
  • Business credit cards
Personal Banking

  • transaction accounts
  • basic bank accounts
  • savings
  • deposits
  • home loans
  • credit cards
  • personal loans
  • shares and investments
  • travel money
  • international money transfers
  • superannuation SMSF

Individual Investments

  • savings accounts
  • term deposits
  • managed funds
  • protected loans
  • instalment warrants
  • guaranteed annuities

Private Banking

  • Access to Commonwealth Private if household income in excess of 400k pa or to invest/borrow > $2.5 million
  • Access to Commonwealth Private office when you have investible assets of $10 million or more
  • Access to dedicated Private Bankers/Private Wealth Managers
  • Offers personal private banking savings and private banking transaction accounts
  • asset protection
  • retirement planning
  • investment portfolio management
  • currency risk management

Preferred Banking

  • Access to Premier Banking
  • requires personal annual income > $150k
  • access to expert financial advice
  • a relationship manager
  • benefits/discounts

Private Banking Investments

  • ASX listed direct shares
  • Executive share and options strategies
  • Managed funds
  • Equity capital raisings
  • Direct bonds
  • Initial Public Offerings (IPOs)
  • Structured investments
  • Wholesale investment opportunities
  • hybrid securities

Business Banking

  • Business Transaction Bank Account
  • Business credit cards
  • merchant services
  • payments EFTPOS
  • ecommerce
  • business loans
  • business line of credit
  • short term investment
  • medium term investments
  • long term investments
  • business insurance
  • commodity risk products
  • currency risk products
  • interest rate risk products

Corporate Banking

  • working capital
  • capital raising
  • corporate lending
  • wholesale insurance
  • equity products
  • commodity products
  • currency products
  • foreign exchange risk management
  • debt capital market products
  • access to institutional equities
  • electronic execution services. structured finance
  • leveraged finance
  • syndicated loan management
  • Acquisition Financing
  • equipment and auto leases

Business Investments

  • Term Deposits
  • Cash Deposit Account
  • Business savings account
  • bills of exchange
  • farm management deposit account
  • commercial paper investments
  • equity linked investments
  • mortgage backed securities
  • capital series
  • management investments
  • floating rate notes
  • gonverment bonds
  • semi government bonds
  • corporate bonds
  • swaps
  • options
  • swaptions
  • forward rate agreements
  • CPI swaps

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